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Exhibition period:

September 30  _cc781905-5cde-3 194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_  2022




TAKEDA Tatsuma 

Born in 1988 in Amakusa-gun, Kumamoto, Japan.

Lives in Berlin and Amsterdam, Germany.

Graduated with his MA from Dresden University of  Fine Arts (Prof. Carsten Nicolai)

In this exhibition, the latest pieces from “Container” series will be shown all at once. The “Container” is a video installation series which originated from “The Eye of a Needle”(2021) - a series inspired by a sea cave “Harinomendo” formed by waves. 

berlin, japan

There exist various types of objects, and in movement from place to place, they have their own value as they come in and out of our hands. The item also moves the place in various ways, then, the item also belongs to this place and its memories and involved in recreating it. 

John Urry - Mobilities (2015)

Things that people create are only utsuwa (vessels) = containers, and, I would like to make the observation that the person themselves are also a vessel. Images created by people inspired the faith rooted in their lives around the world in ancient times function as a vessel for the time and the place in which they were created.  The images moving repeatedly change with time and bring the culture, thoughts and ways of thinking from far away places.  And perhaps it is these human vessels that under the influences and values around them working to create these images as they navigate this ever moving world. The novel corona virus has made more apparent than ever the modern dependence on this flow of movement. It would be my great pleasure if you would look at this contribution as another way to present the ever moving world.

TAKEDA tatsuma


As humans move across various borders, things, things, and ideas are transformed and accepted in new places. TAKEDA Tatsuma approaches this theme from the perspective of anthropology and history, and presents works that raise questions about the essence of things and the values ​​that people share. The Container series that Takeda has been working on since 2021 is a form of transportation itself. In this century, where globalization is accelerating, the time and distance it takes for people and goods to move is steadily becoming shorter. What is desired is quick and reliable transportation, preferably direct delivery. To do this, a sturdy box and cushioning material to protect the contents from impact are essential. ​

What appears in the container (Container) is a wooden crate that can withstand long-distance transportation and a cushioning material made of styrofoam. Now, as for the important contents, it seems that they are nowhere to be found. There is only a gaping hole. A statue is affixed on the wall across from the crate. How do we perceive the transported image that emerges, the relationship between an empty box and movement that Takeda suggests?

Iwasaki Michiko​

Curator at the Contemporary Art Museum Kumamoto (CAMK) 


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