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Related Exhibitions 

Contemporary Art Museum Kumamoto


Our Attitudes

会期: 8月 28日(日)~ 10月 30日(日)

会場: 熊本市現代美術館 ギャラリーⅢ・メモリアルギャラリー

開場時間: 10:00 - 20:00 

休館日: 火曜日

観覧料: 無料



本展のタイトルは、熊本市現代美術館の開館記念展「ATTITUDE 2002」を参照したものです。当館のオープン時、本展の出展作家の多くはまだ学生であり、彼らのなかには当館の存在や





宮本華子 1987年生まれ、作家、本展発案者











Our Attitudes

Exhibition: August 28, Sunday to October 30, Sunday 2022

Venue: Contemporary Art Museum Kumamoto galleryⅢ

Time: 10:00 - 20:00 

Closed: Tuesday.

Admission: Free

As part of the 20th anniversary project of the Museum of Contemporary Art, Kumamoto, this exhibition features works by artists born in Kumamoto in the 1980s, and introduces new forms of expression that have sprouted from Kumamoto over the past 20 years.

The title of this exhibition is a reference to the inaugural exhibition “ATTITUDE 2002” at the Contemporary Art Museum, Kumamoto. When the museum opened, many of the artists in this exhibition were still students, and many of them were greatly influenced by the existence and planning of the museum. Today, each of them has his or her own "attitude" and is active as an independent artist both in Japan and abroad.

In this exhibition, along with the current exhibition of their works, through related programs such as interviews and talks with the artists, we will explore the relationships that have arisen between the younger generation and the museum as well as looking into how the museum’s existence played a formative role. While looking back on the past,we will also explore the possibilities of what the museum could be in the future.

Peach and chestnut trees bear fruit in three, persimmon in eight.


MIYAMOTO Hanako / Born in 1987, artist and creator of this exhibition


When I was 15, the Contemporary Art Museum, Kumamoto opened.

It was a big event for the people of Kumamoto Prefecture.


At least for me, the contemporary art exhibitions that I saw in this museum when I was a student have become a base for me as a creator. The artists participating in this exhibition were students and spectators when the museum opened 20 years ago. There is a saying, "Peach chestnut three years, persimmon eight years",

To what extent will museums and artists be fruitful?

In addition, in order to reach fruition, to continue activities, museums, artists, What kind of attitude is necessary for the region, society, and environment where they exist?

I wanted to ask this question on the occasion of the museum's 20th anniversary, and proposed this project to the museum.


Artist Interview Video



Related Exhibitions 

Okawa Seiriki  Museum


“AIR motomoto プレゼンツ”,


会期: 2022年 9月13日(火)~ 9月 25日 (日)

会場: 大川市立清力美術館 

開館時間: 9:00 - 17:00(ただし入場は16時半まで)

休館日:  9月20日(火)

観覧 : 無料

AIR motomotoプレゼンツ展では、園田昂史と武田竜真の二人の若手作家をご紹介します。



というドイツの中でも、特別な土地で暮らしています。両者は複数の共通点があると同時に、作品、方向性、キャラクター etc..どれをとっても、真逆と言えるほど、異なる性質を持つ存在です。ドイツで出会い、交流もあり、現在共に「移動」が重要な要素となっている二名の作品が、明治時代の建築洋館・大川市立清力美術館を、どのような空間に変貌させるのか。

同時期に開催される熊本市現代美術館20周年企画展「Our Attitudes」熊本県荒尾市

AIR motomoto武田竜真個展「Container」と合せて、ぜひお住まいから足を運んで(移動し)作家の動向を共有して頂けたら幸いです。


                       宮本華子(AIR motomotoディレクター)

“AIR motomoto Presents”,

we ares please to introduce two upcoming artists,

SONODA Takashi and TAKEDA Ryuma.

Exhibition: September 13, Tuesday to September 25, Sunday 2022

Venue: Okawa Seiriki Museum

Time: 9:00 - 17:00(Last admission 16:30)

Closed: September 20, Tuesday

Admission: Free

In this exhibition “AIR motomoto Presents”, we ares please to introduce two upcoming artists, SONODA Takashi and TAKEDA Ryuma. Both are born in 1980s in Kumamoto, and live in Germany. The two lives in special places in Germany, Sonoda lives in Bonn which was used to be capital, and Takeda lives in Berlin that is present one of Germany. They met and knew each other in Germany, there are several common points, such as same theme of "movement" on each concept. In the other hands, their styles, personalities, and so on, they have a lot of difference between each other. Let see how the two artists pieces will change the western architecture of Okawa city Sheiliki Museum build in Meiji era. In same periods, you will see their works on group show “Our Attitudes” in Contemporary Art Museum Kumamoto, and Takeda’s solo show ”Container” in AIR motomoto, in Arao city, Kumamoto. Please bring your feet from your home (move) to the exhibitions, and check the movements of artists too.


MIYAMOTO Hanako (director, AIR motomoto)

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