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Inoue Shuji's First Month and Home Page Updates

Aso, Kumamoto

The first month of Inoue's research has quickly passed. Inoue has already made lots of discoveries in his time here while getting to know Kyushu. His footprints lead us to many areas of Kyushu, mostly Kumamoto, but also branching out into Fukuoka, Nagasaki, and Oita. Movements at the residency are visible too, as Inoue continues the development of his works. Head over to Inoue's Instagram to take a look at his impressions of Kyushu so far, or to learn more about his works check out his online portfolio. Please look forward to the next update.

And please pardon our dust, we are working on making all pages bilingual (Japanese and English), so some pages might be unavailable during that time. Thank you for your understanding.

AIR motomoto staff

Tsunagi, Kumamoto

Nagasaki, Japan

Kumamoto Castle, Kumamoto.

Special thanks to the Kumamoto Volunteer Tour Guide Association

If you are ever in need of an amazing tour of Kumamoto Castle or the city, or even other areas of Kumamoto, be sure to book a guide from the Kumamoto Yokatoko Annainin no Kai. Their knowledge is matched only by their inviting warmth and smiles. Learn more about Yokatoko Annainin no Kai at their official home page. Depending on the area you can also book a guide in English. To learn more click here.


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