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exhibition 11/11 - 12/24 2023


DONIKE Marie and
SPECKS Johannes

köln, germany

photo: mandy knopse

SPECKS Johannes and DONIKE Marie. The unit was established in 2015 and is based in Cologne, Germany.


2019-2017 Master student of Prof. Martin Honert

2017- 2012 Dresden University of Fine Arts (DE), Class Prof. Carl Emanuel Wolff and Prof. Martin Honert (Degree: Fine Arts, Diploma)


2012-2016 Technische Universität Dresden (DE): art history, humanities and architectural sciences. (Degree: Art History, B.A.)

Unit Major Exhibitions:

GEGENWARTEN I PRESENCES, Private.Collectors.Room., Klub Solitaer, Chemnitz (DE) (catalogue)

BONES AND SHELLS, LWL Archaeological Museum, Westphalian State Museum Herne (DE)

a tribute to toast, Josef Albers Museum, Bottrop (DE)

ZWISCHEN GEDECKTEM TISCH UND FARBE Museum Schloss Cappenberg Selm, Germany 2023

In 2019, they opened Boddenberg art gallery in Cologne, Germany and invite local artists to create exhibitions and events in the gallery, which also houses their studio kitchen. In their individual practices and as a unit, Specks and Donike have made food and food culture a part of their focus and research while talking to farmers and consumers of the products. Through food culture, they have placed great importance on communication with many people.  In this residency, they have looked at the network connecting people in Arao to their local symbol, Arao-nashi, and Oseibo, the unique gift-giving culture of Japan. Their first solo exhibition in Japan will be inspired from their experiences and research of this network. 

We are concerned with the affection shown to the nashi. Complex growing conditions, the care needed to bring the fruit to maturity and the subsequent placement in the market, nicely cosily packaged in foam netting. Then the hope of selling it to be given away, these are all moments that tell of the production of a cultivated fruit. The nashi narrates about its surroundings, the people, nature, networking and interpersonal relations. Shaki-shaki! Nashi means a lot to the region, every bite is a real mizugashi, a water-like juicy fruit dessert. The nashi is a gift, it can be eaten chilled quailled, just as it is, or alone at night, gazing into the night sky.




SPECKS Johannes and DONIKE Marie

Exhibition Period:  11/11 to 12/24 (2023) 

Place: Exhibiton Gallery Space

Time: Fridays, Saturdays an Sundays

           13:00 - 19:00

    ※ Entry until 18:00

    ※ 1st weekend only Saturday and Sunday

Entry Fee: Free

For any inquiries, please email us at:

Download Exhibition Flyer

opening event
Arao Nashi Chat

SPECKS Johannes



「You can experience a food performance by the artists. It would be our great pleasure if you could take an interest in nashi. 」 

Arao Nashi Chat Event Details: 

Place: AIR motomoto Exhibiton Gallery Space

Date & Time: November, 12, 2023 Sunday

           14:30 - 16:30

Limit: 25 participants  

Entry Fee: Free

Event Reservation Required

To make a reservation, please send the following information to

1. Name

2. Number of people

3. Telephone number you can be reached at on that day.

※ If there is a space available you can come without reservation. 

related event
Arao Nashi Chat 
  IN Manda Pit 

SPECKS Johannes x DONIKE Marie

SPECKS Johannes, DONIKE Marie

Date and Time: November 3, 2023

                            11:00 -16:30 

If you have a favorite way to eat Arao nashi, or any memories of the fruit, please take this opportunity to tell the artists and other people yourself. 


From 13:00 to 16:00 the artists will also participate at the  Hello Hello Manda Pit Smile Tea Party so you can meet with them and other participants there. 

related event
Hello Hello
Manda Pit Smile
Chimney Tea Party

      Artist:Ohgi Kanae 

Sweets Collaboration:


Date and Time: November 3, 2023

13:00 to 16:00

*Will end as soon as supplies do

Place: The Manda Pit Chimney 

* In case of rain, the location will be at the coal mine train inside Manda Pit. 

Participation fee: 500 yen

“My work was about having an excuse to get to talk to people, to notice everything that happened, to pay attention.”

Alison Knowles (American Artist)


These are some words that came to mind when supporting the research practices of Johannes SPECKS and Marie DONIKE. 

In their duo practice, they have researched and explored the food culture and its history, local food products of specific places and created site-specific artworks. 

This time, with Arao nashi(pear) as their theme, they have researched and focused on the hidden network of nashi connecting people (community).  Nashi has a close connection to gift giving, and through this found oseibo, the unique gift giving culture of Japan, while following the steps of production to consumption, deepening their knowledge of this “community.”

Already, we have seen the fruits of their experiences during the residency start to appear in the artists' own expressions.  This nashi community existed before the artists came here, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that through their participation in this network, the expressions and feelings of people towards nashi have changed. Specks and Donike are not only trying to create a record of the food culture, history, and traditions through nashi, they are attempting to connect people and leave a record of the community and the life they found here. I would be honored and extremely pleased if you would take the time to observe their production and exhibition.

AIR motomoto Coordinator

Reyes, Valeria 

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