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Landmark Castle - Ending Soon

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Exhibition: "Landmark Castle" by Annabel Castro

July 21, Thursday to August 21, Sunday 2022

Venue: motomoto AIR, Arao, Kumamoto*

Time: 13:00 - 19:00 (Last admission 18:00)

Closed on Monday and Tuesday.

Admission: Free All visitors are currently required to make a reservation through email before coming to motomoto. When you email, please include the following details:

1. Desired dates and time to visit (up to two dates)

2. Name

3. Phone number on which we can reach you on the day of your visit. *Once we confirm the date and time of your visit, we will send you the address of our Arao venue. You can send the above information for your reservation to:

Health and Safety: - All visitors are required to do a body temperature check. If you have a fever of 37.5 or higher, entry will be denied. - All visitors feeling unwell should postpone their visit. - Face masks are required for all visitors age 2 and older, even if you are vaccinated. - All visitors are required to wash and sterilize their hands upon entry. To prevent the spread of Covid-19 and all its variants, events may be postponed or take place online to protect the artists and patrons of motomoto. Please keep updated with the latest information through SNS or on our home page.

○ 会期: 9月 4 日(水)- 10 月 30 日(日)

○ 会場: 荒尾市 motomoto ※

○ 時間: 13:00ー19:00 (ただし展覧会入場は 18:00 まで)

○ 休館日: 月・火曜日

○ 観覧料: 無料

○ 展覧会入場には事前予約が必要です。以下の事項を記載の上、メールでお申込ください。 ①希望の日時を、第二希望まで ②お名前 ③当日ご連絡可能な電話番号 申込先






○ 来館される際は、マスクの着用をお願いします。

○ 来館中も、こまめな手洗いや手指の消毒をお願いします。

・各所に手指消毒液を準備しております。 新型コロナウイルス感染拡大の情報によっては関連のイベントの中止を行う場合がありま す。 詳細と最新情報については当館ホームページまたは SNS をご確認ください。


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