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Exhibition period:

July 21  - August 21  2022

morelos, mexico

Anabel Castro is an artist living in Mexico who has been conducting research related to Kumamoto Castle through remote residency in cooperation with this facility since 2021. Based on the theme of landmarks (symbols, landmarks), she planned this project with the aim of connecting Kumamoto with Morelos, Mexico, as a cultural bridge. In this program, the artist will conduct interviews with various people regarding the memories of Kumamoto's castles, deepen their research and ideas, and plan to exhibit the results in the summer.


 This project is a joint project of artist-in-residence motomoto (AIR) in Arao, Kumamoto, and La Taiera (Siqueiros Museum of Art) in Morelos, Mexico. It is part of the project "Native: New Monuments" designed by the Museum of Siqueiros, courtesy of the Mex Foundation for Contemporary Art.

                           Annabel Castro, Castle Grounds, 2022
                            Interactive Sound Map of anecdotes

                           Annabel Castro, Amate Trees, 2022
                            Details of Amate Trees Projection

                   Annabel Castro, A Miike Memory, 2022
             Local Mineral Sand Drawing

Annabel Castro, Veladoras, 2023
Parafin Wax Candles

                           Annabel Castro, A Smellscape, 2022
                          Memories of smells donated by patrons

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