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motomoto is a micro artist residency in Arao city located along the northern area of Kumamoto Prefecture.  motomoto, named after Kumamoto, and the director, Hanako Miyamoto, has come alive in the spring of 2020. The director chose the name to represent both her place of and name of birth.  She chose the name also because there is a saying in Japanese "dame de motomoto" or "giving it a try because there is nothing to lose."    "Though most people might take these words in a negative meaning, I like to think there is a positive side as well," Miyamoto says.



At motomoto, we aim to create a space where the artist is free to take their own time.


In order to give maximum privacy and remoteness, the residency is operated solely by the director, Hanako Miyamoto, and on-site coordinator Valeria Reyes. The staff will provide support in daily life, translation assistance ( Japanese, German, Spanish and English), materials and tool acquisition. When needed, there is also support provided by the Miyamoto Steel Works Corporation.


All genres of creators from all corners of the world are welcome at motomoto. We are looking forward to host your stay. Applicants must be twenty years or older, and have no history of crime or drug use. Applicant must have valid international health insurance. Driver's license is not necessary but highly recommended. Please prepare an international driver's license when you come. We can assist artists applying for grants when nominated.  When applying, please submit your statement of purpose and digital portfolio.

Contact and Inquiries:

For more details and all inquiries please send an email to kumamotomotomoto (at)  


motomoto is located in Arao, Kumamoto on the northwestern side of Japan. It is around 1.5 hours from Fukuoka Airport by an express highway bus. We have a train station and shinkansen station nearby. You can also access Nagasaki by ferry. You must make a reservation before visiting motomoto. Once we have confirmed your visiting date, we will let you know the address. We are about 3 minutes by car from Mitsui Green Land. 

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