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SMALL 8 image sketches and 64 rings(四角を折ると三角が出る).jpg

Osaki Tomu - First Solo Kyushu Exhibition

Colorless green ideas sleep furiously

Exhibition period:
January 6 - February 4    2024



tokyo, japan

exhibition in 2024


Born in Fukuoka Prefecture in 1984, currently based in Tokyo.

Major Exhibitions

2022 "Satellite ^ Satellite" (HOTEL ANTEROOM KYOTO, Kyoto)

2022 PU(BU)RA(NE)ZU(GU,FU,U)MA(-) "ANB Open Studio vol.7" ANB Tokyo, Tokyo

2021 "Smells like Ellipse" during same period of residency exhibition. (salon cojica/KINBI nicojica, Hokkaido)

2020 "Steering along with tempo of rain" Akibatamabi21 / 3331 Arts Chiyoda, Tokyo

2015 "TWS-Emerging 2015 The new temple and sanshin" Tokyo Wonder Site Shibuya, Tokyo among others.

I used to work part-time as a gardener in my neighborhood.  Because it was a short-term job, I was entrusted with a job that anyone could do —  clearing the fallen branches and leaves.  The craftsman's skill was speedy, and branches and leaves fell one after another from the tree.  They were released from the rational forms of photosynthesis they were doing until that moment and fell to the ground, creating a free arrangement. 


When thinking about Osaki Tomu's paintings for some reason I remembered the ground and the cut and scattered plants.  Of course, we can use psychoanalytic theory to compare the multidimensional aspects of the juxtaposition of these images with those of other artists, or to explain paintings as a receptacle of memory.  I know that it would yield fruitful results, but the leaves and branches that the gardener drops as he arranges the plants seem to be somehow connected to Osaki's paintings where planning and coincidence coexist. 


It seems that there are differences in the way of pruning depending on the type of plant and the craftsman, but according to what I hear, there are also variations in the way of cutting depending on the direction of the branches, and the craftsman seems to prune the tree while judging it in the moment.  Because of that, pruning is not a simple task, such as cutting large branches and then fine-tuning them, but sometimes relatively large branches are cut as the work progresses.  As a result, this process gives an expression to the fallen branches and leaves. 


The overlapping of branches and the way the volume of leaves changes depending on the wind direction.  Another similarity to Osaki's painting is that various patterns by plants are born from one tree when traced back to the original.  This is because the images are a manifestation of something that has been plucked from memories and experiences that grow within Osaki, a single human being.  Just as it is difficult to imagine the original state from the cut branches and leaves, it is not easy to retroactively recall the original idea of his paintings. 


The gesture of a gardener throwing a cut branch to the ground is reminiscent of the gesture of "scattering " an image on a plane, which is also an important keyword in Osaki's production.  In Osaki's work, just as if the craftsman were half-unconsciously dropping the branches and leaves to the ground, the whole universe is scattered on a plane and scatter diagrams are created one after the other. 


Tsukada Yutaka (Critic) 

Exhibition: Colorless green ideas sleep furiously

OSAKI Tomu - First Kyushu Solo Exhibition

Dates: January 6, 2024 (Sat.)- February 4, 2024 (Sun)

Place:AIR motomoto Gallery Space

Address: 869-0012

Kumamoto-ken Arao City Honide 749-4

Hours:13:00-19:00 ※Entry is until 18:00

Entry is free.

Open on Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays.

※The final weekend is only Saturday and Sunday.

For any

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Related Events

Closing Artist Talk

OSAKI Tomu x OSA Seichiro

Date: February 3, 2024

Place: AIR motomoto Gallery Space

Time: 13:30-15:00

Participation fee: 500 yen 

<How to RSVP>

Send an email to the address below titled "Osaki Tomu Artist Talk RSVP." Including the following information:

1. Your name

2. Number of participants

3. Telephone number you can be reached on the day of the event. 

※If there is space available you can come without a reservation. 


OSA Seiichiro

1985 Born in Shizuoka. 

By capturing something fundamental in painting, we confront the mystery head on. In recent years, he has continued to add new depth (shadow) to the world by painting rather than drawing.


Major exhibitions to date include “Water for Flowers” ​​(CAPSULE, Tokyo, 2023), “Group Show Contemporary Artists | Intersection of Paintings” (Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Art, Tokyo, 2023), “LILIUMSPHERE" (Yutaka kikutake Gallery, Tokyo, 2023), etc.

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