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gaby taplick

berlin, germany


Exhibition period: May - August, 2020.

Permanent installations on-site. 


Gaby Taplick,Samidare, 2020
Graffiti on One Hundred Poems by One Hundred Poets  

Spring in Arao

The scenery around me changes with the seasons.

I found these changes reflected in the textiles and patterns I found at the second hand shops. 

The old things have fulfilled their purpose.

And a new beauty is born.


Gaby Taplick 

Gaby Taplick will come to Japan in the spring of 2020 as the first artist invited by motomoto.

In the first year of motomoto, Taplick is an artist who has made quite a big impression on our residency. Taplick collected materials for numerous works for the residency, and began living and producing for three months.


During his stay, Taplick collected little by little from the seaside and thrift shops, which could be transformed into works. Inspired by the patterns and colors found in old, functioning and forgotten objects, Taplick set about giving them new life.  

Taplick continued to work from the beginning of the residency until the May exhibition. In order to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in 2020, the number of visitors to the exhibition was limited, but some works are permanently installed, so you can still see them. Weather permitting, you can also see “utsukushi ga kuru” on the rooftop.  


Gaby Taplick,Utsukushi ga kuru, 2020.

Kimono textile.


Gaby Taplick,Strandscherben, 2020.
Mixed media.

                                                                   Gaby Taplick,Untitled. 2020.

        .                                                                                 Mixed media 


Exhibition View.

Gaby Taplick, 2020.


  Joanna Schulte, Gaby Taplick, and Meike Zopf. Zurück - Shikyu2020.
  NOMDEPLUM. Mixed media.

NOMDEPLUM is a group name used among Joanna Schulte, Gaby Taplick and Meike Zopf for their collaborative works. Originally French, nomdeplum means pen name. Their collaborative works are largely inspired by the concept of community drawing. One person begins the piece, passing it onto the next who adds to it another layer. The work is completed by the final person. In this way, the resulting piece is both a work shaped by the individual and also completely interdependent and balanced by inspiration from the others. 

Artist Residency Video
Editing, sound by SOTI Keisuke

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