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Exhibition period:

September 16 - October 29    2023

naoyuki hata face.jpg


oita, japan

exhibition in 2023

Born in Gifu Prefecture in 1979. He lives and works in Oita Prefecture.

He graduated from Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Photography in the Netherlands in 2014.

His main activities include Date Time Space, (Hirado Castle Kenso Yagura 2022), Nagasaki, Neutralizer (Gallery M.A.P. Fukuoka 2022), Precious Ambiguity (Museum of Kyushu Sangyo Univeristy, Fukuoka 2023), In Search of Origins (Contemporary Art Museum Kumamoto, 2021), Lumix meets beyond 2020 (Amsterdam, Tokyo, Paris) etc.

Recipient of the Fourth Annual 1 wall Photography Competition Award.

He focuses on experimental works to think about humans using a device called photography. He is also operates "Genjitsu" in an empty store in the Beppu Station Market under the Beppu Station overpass which holds various exhibitions with local and international artists every month. 

In my garden, I arbitrarily used a technique called focus stacking, in which hundreds of perspectives blend into one, to take photographs of insects and plants. When I was crawling on the ground, photographing the insects, in grass deep enough to cover me, my body seemed to have melted into the soil and grass, becoming part of the garden. Plants are biologically autotrophic organisms. They turn light and air into energy. We humans, animals, and insects depend on the energy of plants and are therefore called heterotrophic organisms. The silhouettes of these creatures are blurry, and their boundaries melt in with the world around them. 

HATA naoyuki 

A figure of an insect floating vaguely in the grass. What exactly conveys that meaning? There are many things that do in fact exist and yet are invisible. The insects hidden in the grass, grass roots in the soil, fish in the sea, viruses, people living in foreign countries, and people who are on the verge of death, we all exist. However, they are not in front of our eyes. "Environment" is variable and arbitrary. Depending on your imagination, the appearance will change as much as you want, and it can go as far as possible. Among the photographs lined up in the exhibition room, I find a faint shadow of an insect. Then, can you find the shadow of an insect in the next one? Can you see it if you look closely? Is it "visible" if you use your imagination? Or would you decide that there is nothing there? It is always up to you to decide what is around you and what is not. You will find Hata contemplating the world from the corner of his room while looking at the mixed forest, nestled in Yamaka village in Kitsuki, north of Beppu. 

Mitsuhiro Wakayama (Curator, Tokyo Station Gallery)

Exhibition: Heterotrophs - Hata Naoyuki

September 16 (Sat)-October 29(Sun)

Place:AIR motomoto Gallery   

Date & Time:  Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays

13:00 - 19:00 (last entry 18:00)

※The first weekend is Saturday Sunday only.

※The second floor is a private residence. Please use the first floor entrance.

Gallery Address:

〒864ー0012 熊本県荒尾市本井手 749-4

There is parking space for 5 cars.

AIR motomoto is 3 minutes from Mitsui Greenland by car, and a 1 minute walk from Nonaka(Arao) Bus Stop leaving from Arao Station (Kyushu Sanko Bus # 5).


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Artist Talk

 HATA Naoyuki

Artist Talk

Date & Time: October 8, 2023 (Sun)

​           14:00 -15:30

Place:Arao Culture Center Meeting Room2



2 5 participants Reservation Required 

Free Entry

<To make a reservation>

Email title: Hata Naoyuki Artist Talk RSVP


with the following info:

1. Name

2. Number of participants

3. Phone number you can be reached at on the day of the event. 

※If there is an opening, you can participate without reservation.


佐々木 玄太郎  SASAKI Gentaro

Born in Fukuoka in 1988.

Curator of the Museum of Contemporary Art, Kumamoto since 2013. He has a broad interest in the cultural situation, history and society of Asia, mainly Chinese contemporary art, and also focuses on research and introduction of contemporary artists from Kyushu. Recent major exhibitions include "In Search of Origins: Art Practices Rooted in the Environments of Kyushu" (Contemporary Art Museum Kumamoto, 2021) and "Our Attitudes, Commemorating the 20th anniversary of the Museum of Contemporary Art, Kumamoto," (2022) and others. 

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